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Installera Zaptel

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Install Zaptel

Zaptel is a set of tools and drivers for the zapata telephony cards. Even if you don’t own a zapata card is wise to install this packages as it also contains a dummy driver that is used for generating clock ticks that asterisk uses for various tasks, example to play sound files or manage conferences.

Zaptel tools are precompiled in Ubuntu and you can install them like this :

apt-get install zaptel

The zaptel kernel modules are distributed as source only and you will need to use some extra tools to get them running:

apt-get install module-assistant

m-a prepare
m-a get zaptel-source
m-a build zaptel
If you are using 2.6.28 kernel you have problem with m-a build zaptel!
Untar /usr/src/zaptel.tar.bz2
Add this patch
Tar the files to /usr/src/zaptel.tar.bz2, run then m-a build zaptel
m-a install zaptel

modprobe ztdummy

To get ztdummy module loaded at boot time:

echo ztdummy >> /etc/modules

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