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Autologin in Ubuntu

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In file /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf add following in section [SeatDefaults]:



Disable update-notifier in Ubuntu

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Prevent update-notifier from starting at login for all users

The above method works only on the user that is currently logged in. This is useful if you have a one-user workstation. But if you want to make a system-wide change, run:

sudo sed -i ‘s/X-GNOME-Autostart-Delay=60/X-GNOME-Autostart-enabled=false/’ /etc/xdg/autostart/update-notifier.desktop


Driver Windows 2003 Server

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Load SCSI hard drive driver without floppy disk while Install windows server 2003 etc.

i need to load the scsi hard driver by press F6 while installing windows server 2003, then insert the floppy disk,

hand drive and the scsi driver is not included in Windows server 2003……. -_-!

i dun even remember there’s a thing called Floppy Disk or Diskettes… anyway, i need to work around this.

after a bit search, i found the following solution:

basicly this solution integrate the scsi hard drive driver into your Windows Server installation disk.

  • you’ll need 1 extra software, free of cause.
  • and the scsi driver of cause…

1. download and install nLite from

2. load your windows server to CD-ROM or load your iso to virtual cd-rom.

3.  run nlite.  follow nLite instructions to Select your Installation Disc CD-ROM

4. follow nLite instructions to Create a new folder to save Disk content

5. follow nLite instructions to the following screen:


click on “Drivers” then Next;

6. in the following screen,


click on “Insert”  –> “Single Driver”. then select the scsi driver from your hard drive.


select “Textmode driver” –> chose your driver –> ok

then nLite will integrate the driver into the disk.

7. run nLite again and get to this creen


click on “Bootable ISO”

8. with the ISO, you can either burn or mont. when you install with this iso, you do not need to press F6 to load driver from floppy, it will be loaded automatically.

9. have fun

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