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Convert an Addon Domain to its Own cPanel and Vice Versa

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These steps assume that the domain will remain on the same server.

Addon domain turned into a separate cPanel

  1. Download the content of your addon domain to your local PC.
  2. Backup any associated database(s).
  3. Go into the original cPanel and remove the addon domain from under the Addon Domains icon. (You do not need to delete the original content or original databases.)
  4. Create a New Account inside your WHM. Fill out the form, using the old addon domain name as the Domain. Click the Create button.
  5. Once the new cPanel is ready, upload the content of your old addon domain to this new cPanel, in the public_html folder. (When using FTP to upload, connect to the cPanel’s IP address and login with the new cPanel’s username and password.)
  6. Login to the new cPanel and restore the database backup(s).
  7. Reconfigure any database connections. (The database name and username have likely changed.)

Your site will only be down as long as it takes to complete these steps. No need to change your name servers.

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